Rebuilding the system

Brand Concept, Visual Identity

Asko was founded in 1918 and is one of the most known and trusted operators in home decoration sector in Finland. Asko is also known for manufacturing some of the most iconic Finnish furniture pieces. We were asked to develop a clear brand concept and refresh the visual identity.

The result was a clear and flexible design system that is built around the idea of Asko Design DNA that uses the iconic Asko logo as an inspiration. The module based system uses the round edged graphics in various touchpoints, creating a contemporary yet recognisable identity. A simplified typographic approach and a neutral colour palette with an option for expansion also play key role, enabling for future proof usage.


Asko, Indoor Group


Furniture and home accessories manufacturing and selling



Type of work

Brand Concept
Visual Identity

Client description

Asko is an iconic Finnish furniture manufacturer and a home decorator founded in 1918. Asko is part of market leader Indoor Group and has over thirty stores nationwide along a very popular web shop.