Are we launching candy or fruit? Yes.

Brand Strategy, Brand Design, Creative Storytelling, Marketing

  • We built a positioning, marcom concept and a launch campaign for a novelty, launched under three brands in five different markets.

  • A product so innovative that it changes the whole market.

  • There's no accounting for taste, but we do it anyway. Is Real Fruit candy or fruit?

The challenge

For the first time, Cloetta was launching a new product for three brands in five different markets: Aakkoset in Finland, Gott & Blandat in Sweden, Denmark and Norway and Redband in the Netherlands. The challenge was to find one aspect that linked all these individual brands and resonated across all target groups, in all markets.

Real Fruit is a game changer for its category; the first candy made with 50% real fruit.  The current offering was mainly fruit flavoured, with not much actual fruit used. Fruit snacks are one option but they can hardly be categorised as candy. What had been missing was the great flavour and the chewiness of candy. At least, until now.

The solution

Our goal was to create a concept of thinking that could be adapted and communicated by any of the three brands. We also wanted to highlight the same strong message in every market. Innovation needed to be in the core of the concept, without being too technical or self-evident.

Sometimes I like to treat myself or my family with candy, but I am concerned about all the artificial ingredients, because I don't know what’s really in there. I wish there was a candy with natural ingredients,  that I would recognise.

The concept was based on a dilemma; If half of the product is made of fruit, then half of it is candy. In the end, which is it? Candy or fruit?

Two intertwined stories were born, stemming from the same mechanic. Two characters arguing over whether the product is candy or fruit. In Aakkoset's surreal world, a man is arguing with a parrot. Gott & Blandat and Redband’s family centred world placed the debate between a dad and a daughter. These dialogues underline the fact that anyone can end up in this childish bickering when your own opinion feels obvious (enough). 

Tv-films, online-videos, social media assets and activations, point of sale -materials and OOH-assets. All these convey the same story of the unsolved question: “Candy or Fruit? Yes. 50 % fruit, 100 % candy.”




Food & Drink

Type of work

Brand Strategy,
Brand Design,
Creative Storytelling,



Client description

Cloetta, founded in 1862, is a leading confectionery company in the Nordic region and The Netherlands. Cloetta is manufacturing and marketing confectionery, chocolate products, nuts, pastilles, chewing gum and pick & mix concepts. In total, Cloetta products are sold in more than 50 markets worldwide.