Bringing life to the Plussa Balls

Visual Identity

K-Plussa’s core identity elements have always been Ball/Circle/Dots like forms. They play a central role within the identity to communicate the ‘points’ that you may receive when gaining access to the benefits of the loyalty program. The solution is rooted in ‘bring life back to the Plussa balls’. The visuality takes the K-Plussa visuality into a completely new direction, yet has traces of the past well known elements.

To create a more dynamic brand identity, we developed sonic branding which embraced the bouncing sounds of the balls interacting with one another. The sonic branding has been applied to all short and long animations. The brand identity elements has been applied to all digital outdoor advertising, TVC, instore digital screens, customer loyalty materials and branded communications.

To further extend the core brand visuality, a set of images were created to communicate the partnership combination bank card. Through usage of the core elements these images could be easily linked to K-Plussa. The images were used by each major bank when promoting their service in conjunction with K-Plussa.

Linked to the new visual direction for the loyalty program, we created a series of animations and imagery to promote the new combination credit card. Pay and collect the best Plussa benefits with one card. A flexible payment time and credit card as well as the most rewarding Plussa card in one package.




Retail Customer Loyalty



Type of Work

Visual Identity

Client description

For over 20 years, K-Plussa has been one of the largest customer loyalty programs in Finland. Currently serving 3.6 million members, about 65% of the population of the country.