City of Helsinki

New Museum of Architecture and Design

Visual Identity, Website Design

We were tasked with crafting a new visual identity and website for a new museum development project. Working closely with The City of Helsinki, Design Museum, and The Museum of Finnish Architecture, the goal was to construct a visual language that is minimal, yet carries shared elements that link to design and architecture.

The typeface Zyablik, a modular display font with a strong personality became the building block to the identity and further extracted inspiration from the harbour seaside where the museum is planned to the constructed.

The goal was to create a temporary visual identity - often design work looks for stability and that the choices will stand the test of time. This time however, we were asked to create an identity that in its core, is temporary, one that will last for the duration of the project development.

'Collaboration with the team felt very organic right from the start. I felt like we were speaking the same language from day one.'

– Kaarina Gould, Project Director


City of Helsinki




Illustrations: Anja Reponen



Type of Work

Visual Identity
Website Design

Client description

City of Helsinki, the organization responsible for leading and steering the development of the New Museum of Architecture and Design project.

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