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Brand Positioning, Brand Story, Visual Identity

Robocorp – a San Francisco- and Helsinki-based tech startup – needed a brand identity that would fit their revolutionary open-source software automation mission. Robocorp is a remote-first company that offers Python-based open-source tools to developers and companies aiming to revolutionize the world by automating any repetitive processes. A boldly manifestational identity system was built to reflect the robust, laid-back and pioneering spirit.

We created an identity that used bold text driven communication inspired by written code, paired with an illustration style that represented the abstract robots that do the automated tasks. The robot-style monkey symbol was the defining brand mark that hinted at a promise of 'no more monkey work'.






Brand Strategy
Positioning & Story
Visual Identity

Client description

Robocorp is a Python-based stack for automating any repetitive process. Build locally, operate from the cloud, run anywhere.