Royal Doulton

Perfectly imperfect

Brand Strategy, Visual Identity, Brand Communication

Royal Doulton is a english porcelain heritage brand, founded in 1815. The brand and its products needed a refreshed brand identity which respected its heritage as well as a modern sensibility. The Royal Doulton visual identity is rooted in the philosophy of ‘perfectly imperfect’.

It is born of a range of identity assets which play a contrasting role to one another — from an eclectic colour palette range, which symbolizes the imperfect, to a clearly defined grid system, which embodies the perfect. The bold and relaxed nature of the brand is made visible through these unique, contrasting combinations that can be created in any brand touchpoint.


Royal Doulton, Fiskars Group


Ceramic manufacturing and home accessories


Brand Strategy
Visual Identity
Brand Communications

Client description

Royal Doulton is an English ceramic and home accessories manufacturer founded in 1815.